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Three Things To Consider Before You Choose A Home Alarm System

Investing in a home alarm system is one of the best ways you can keep your family and your property safe. Without a home alarm, your residence is 300 percent more likely to fall victim to a break-in. With so many home alarm systems on the market, it's easy to get overwhelmed about the provider you should choose and even the specific alarm model and features that will best suit your needs. Although factors such as the up-front cost of the system are important to consider, there are other factors that you should evaluate before you make your decision. Here are three important topics to address.

Monitored Vs. Non-Monitored

Monitored home security systems are a popular option for many homeowners. With this type of system, a tripped alarm automatically sends a notice to the alarm monitoring company, either via land line or your home's Internet, which can then advise local authorities based on the nature of the situation. Because monitored systems have a monthly fee, it's important to carefully consider this option versus a traditional, non-monitored alarm. Speak to the security company representative and discuss not only the precise monthly fees, but exactly what services are included with this benefit, given that monitoring features can vary from company to company.

DIY Installation Vs. Professional Installation

If you're handy with projects around the home, you might be interested in installing the alarm system yourself. Conversely, some homeowners prefer to have the security company's agents visit the home and take care of the installation from top to bottom. Discussing this topic with the company rep can help you get a feel for how to proceed. Many companies offer easy installations for homeowners to complete themselves, which can help to make a specific system more affordable for you if you're on a budget.

Mobile Features

It's important to think about the various features you want in your home alarm system. Many modern systems allow you to connect through a mobile app and control every element of the system, regardless of your physical location. For example, if you forget to turn on the alarm as you leave for work, you can take care of this job with just a couple simple taps on your smartphone. If such features appeal to you, it's useful to discuss them thoroughly with the company representative. Some companies offer the mobile app feature at an additional fee, while others include it for customers.