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Things To Know About Peephole Cameras

Having security cameras installed outside and inside your home is an effective way to feel safer. When you think about interior cameras, you might evaluate where to position them to capture the scene in the event of a home break-in. While these cameras are important, it's also valuable to consider getting a peephole camera. Many homeowners use peepholes to identify who is standing outside the door, and then decide whether they wish to open the door. A peephole camera, which looks like an ordinary peephole from the outside, offers you a number of valuable features that will make you feel more secure. Here are some things to know about this type of camera.

You Won't Have To Get As Close To The Door

One of the concerns about having a peephole is that you have to stand directly on the other side of the door from whoever is outside your home. Some homeowners are leery about doing so, as they feel that the other person could hear their footsteps or see any small amount of light shining through the peephole. The latter can occur with lower-end peepholes. When you use a peephole camera, an LCD screen mounted inside the front door of your home means that you don't need to approach the door. You'll be able to clearly identify who is outside from several feet away.

You'll Have Better Visibility At Night

When someone rings your doorbell at night and you don't have the porch light on, it can be very difficult to see who is standing outside when you look through the peephole. You might not want to turn the light on, either, which can leave you feeling nervous about who is outside your home. Many peephole cameras compensate for dark environments by lightening the image. This means that when you look at the screen, the scene will appear lighter than it actually is — and this may allow you to identify who is standing there.

You Can Install It Yourself

There's no need to be intimated about the installation process of a peephole camera. You don't need to hire a professional to do the work for you — the average homeowner can easily complete the task. You'll simply need to remove the old peephole, which you can customarily do by loosening it with a screwdriver, and then slip the new product in place. The camera lens will slide through the small hole in the exterior of your door, while the screen will mount to the inside.

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